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  1. Design of flexible GUI tools to display streaming real-time data.
    In a situation where there are continuous data flows, be in stock price changes, process CPU numbers, status of running process, one of the most important element is visual display of information. We have extensive experience of designing systems which separate display aspects from CPU intensive compute modules, provide flexibility to customize look and feel and work with extensive and varied data sources.

  2. Equity stocks and options historical data.
    AS trading is becoming complex there is need for historical data of stock prices. While this data is expensive, lot of websites give this information for free on daily basis. We have designed perl /web / mysql - based tools to generate a local history of prices and use them for back testing.

  3. Application of tools to capture, process large amounts of data, reconcile, generate summary reports.
    In system environments comprising of large number of processes, messages, applications, there is large amount of monitoring data generated. We develop perl scripts to process them, massage them and store in mysql.

  4. Exposure to various USA exchanges/ECNs data distribution formats.
    For a client we wrote scripts to parse data and extract prices and present in reusable formats. For this client specified formats of data used in some ECNs and exchanges of USA.

  5. Exposure to major exchanges of the world.
    For a client we developed a url dictionary for all the major exchanges in the world. The purpose was to present to client a collection of urls categorised for rapid access to various types of information from exchange websites. Like system-status, technical specs, instrument lists, live quotes etc.
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