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  1. Rapid turn-around times for over-seas clients.
    For remote server administration type of assignments, we fully understand that time is a luxury for problem resolution. Rapid progress is achieved by keeping continuous touch with the client staff while working on the problem. Use of in-house issue management system to track issue, build ticket history and generate reports to clients on work done.

  2. Do it right. Test, Test, Test.
    Our philosophy is "If something could go wrong it would". For software deliverables not only we focus to achieve stated objectives but given enough thought and time to make sure it generates diagnostics or terminates logically on unspecified conditions.

  3. Automate and use technology to solve problems.
    WE feel automation is the best approach to do it right. This prevents inevitable human errors.

  4. Documentation.
    We believe best of things are forgotten with time. Detailed documentation and change history for client projects is a must.
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