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  1. Extensive XML parsing, processing, storage and managements tools.
    Developed perl / mysql based system which parse and process very complicated multiple layered XML files. Developed schemes for managing XML based configuration files for complexsystems. Experience of handling large and complex XML files and streaming data using some of Java’s latest technologies like JAXP and JAXB. Our ability to develop tools over XML has helped customers to manage the XML data very effectively.

  2. Flexible and light weight GUI designs in VB/.NET and Java environment.
    Very comfortable with VB/.NET GUI design, integration with backend server over TCP. XML use for message receipt. XML use for GUI look and feel control.

  3. Extensive perl based tools to parse, process and store information from process logs, system statistics, tibco consoles. Integration with mysql. Data retrieval tools.
    Designed and developed tools to extract information from log files, varied data sources save in mysql. Retrieval tools on various criteria.

  4. Java, JDBC, JAXP, EJB to interface with data sources, message sources and GUI display.
    In-depth knowledge of developing enterprise applications in Java and J2EE architecture in design of tools, GUI elements, XML processing and integration with multi-platform systems through EJB.

  5. Website design and web-based tools implementation.
    Extensive web-programming and design experience. Comfortable with all web design tools and technologies, ASP, e-cart, VB script, JavaScript, Animation

  6. Web based workflow system.
    Developed a ASP /mysql /web based system for internal work flow management, client ticker management.

  7. Excel macro and VB plugins.
    Designed macros for specialized processing in Excel.
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